exploring Joan Jonas
the film Ponyo
a big influence!! shana moulton!!
a new path in the forest
Toy Story and abiotic things as alive
The Dreamkeeper by Alicia Framis 2020-12-26 at 18_34_16.jpg
about collecting from Heresis Collective Journal
Beate Karlsson wearable art
my groceries with nice colours
two girls eating their own lunch in Grote Markt
fancy shoes and a little moss i found in the street
the irish house fairy!!!
A furby cake
a furby in a car who is also a cake
Mike Kelley's work: more love hours than can ever be repaid and the wages of sin
Liewe Heksie: a south african childrens show from the 70's
a baby face crying that could be rendered or a mask and scary or cute
A still from Samuel Beckett's "happy days" film
Liewe Heksie: South African childrens show from the 70's
Another furby but make it stretchy