I am an avid note-taker and I go through notebooks every few months. However, it is difficult for me to share them online. It is the one part of me that cannot be floating through the digital fibres. It must remain on paper and on my bookshelf. That said, I photographed a few pages of my notes on the "Kill your darlings" assignment for show!

Despite being forced to leave the academy after the first semester (due to my uncontrollable financial situation), I do NOT plan to abandon my artistic development and search. My practice isn't bound to the framework of an educational institution, although I benefit from it and learn in a much more concentrated way.

In my ‘2nd semester’ of complete autonomous learning, I will clear more time to read. I want to finish Homo Ludens by Johan Huizenga and read more of 1000 Plateaus. Currently, I am reading a volume from the feminist 'Heresis Collective' (1970's) about Women's Traditional Arts and the Politics of Aesthetics.
I don’t know what else I will read, but they will come my way or I will find them.

Terms and things I want to focus on in the coming months are:

- De-skilling as an artistic term, 'hobby art' and traditional/domestic arts carried out by invisible women of the past

- The play and play

- The home (Where is it? What is it? Can it be several places? Is home just a wasteland with love?)

- Artworks have homes too. Does it have to be the white cube? Where else can your work live? Does each work have its own house in the same town, or should they all live in one mansion?

- Continue practising with digital software to narrate stories (Get involved with Blender and animations, become better at using video editing software)

- Exploring my alter-ego Debra and who she really is? Where can she go? How far can I push her? (Starting with my first film, centred around her as a character and what her daily life might be like. Surprise, she doesn’t live in our dimension but her life is mundane too)

- Working with scraps of textiles to make patchwork pieces… something about that materiality and method of working that excites me. I swear to never touch a sewing machine and do all the work by hand. That is very important. The pieces can find digital homes once I have worked on them by hand. But their creation cannot be on the digital plane.

- Re-visiting materials and ways of craft my parents worked with: (papier-mache, woodworking, embroidery, building homes)