My IST: Researching Assemblages

I started my project by thinking of the home and then the external. What assemblages happen inside? and what happens in the outside? It became too large, defining inside and outside. Was the home really inside?

This plagued me. I decided to move closer, to the things you use in your home and imagining a world where they are just alive as you, and together you are a dependant-assemblage-ecosystem.

So I began to slowly personify functional things that have been drifting around at home. I started painting a face on an old chair pillow, attaching it to a clothes hanger-tool. As I wrote my text (link below xoxo) I worked more, assembling these bits together. They had such a presence that eventually, I felt I had to take them out of my home, into the hallway. After I filmed them in their "imagine space" I dismantled them. Being so close to your things, imagining them sentient, fills up the air with many breaths.

I look at my things now and they carry an air that makes me want to care.

I will search further.

a little essay about this project
process photos!!