Text about the way I see it

I have a face, a foot, a hand. Most likely, so do you. Most likely, we all do. We also experience things. Feelings in places, at times with other people who also have bodies. Together in a world we sometimes don’t like. When I was a child, I would spend hours walking up and down a little path in the forest, creating imaginary worlds with different characters. They had names and sometimes encountered problems. The confrontations were a bit awkward. These stories would follow me to my sketchbook, where Donna got a face and a dress.
Humour sits on the front porch of my work, giggling at you with slightly yellowed teeth as you enter the house. You say hello. You start a conversation with the fantasy and it is obscure. It gives you a big, weird hug. It runs away, passing other characters in the house. You follow, curious. The characters start telling stories on the wall, in space, with each other. They pour out of little cracks and say silly, scary things. Sometimes I join them, using my body. (It is important to know that things in worlds are alive, things are moving. They aren’t standing still in a vacuum, they are interacting with each other and their environment. A conversation! Sometimes a funny one but always a little bit serious.) I don’t care so much for binding myself to one medium, worlds are made from different things. My hands can hold a pen to tell the story. Or maybe some clay? Maybe I am documenting my own body doing things somewhere.
But the characters are always in motion.



Glitch Culture III: An experimental and multi-disciplinary show in ‘Evol’, Cape Town, South Africa (May 2019)

No Mans Art Gallery: 3 works available at the ‘Essentials Shop’ in Amsterdam (1 June-26 July 2020)

Volunteer Show at Page Not Found 'Far Closer': One of the sentient home things took a walk to the window and will stay there until (07 Jan 2021)